Thursday, November 28, 2013

UNICEF watches while a Pakistani Cristian child is abused

I am Amala an abused child. I have lived in hiding with my sick sister and mother for almost 1 year.
While we were in hiding few months back a man who was the owner of the rented room in which we were living,  attacked me and my sister. He said you do not have passports with you and I will call the police. He touched me and my sister very badly. We saved ourselves by running from him.
We told UNHCR to save us and help us but they never helped. I am dying to go to School. I want to play with other children but I am not spending a normal life.
WE were in the jail in Sri Lanka for 1 month for no reason. They took our passports and all we had for no reason!!! No help from UNHCR
We live in hiding and in very bad conditions. We don’t have a father or any other man so people do not respect us. The gate keeper also touches me; he knows no body will shout on him for doing this.
Not a single child in this world has worked hard so much as I have done. For the last 1 year I am trying to reach people by my blogs facebook pages and Google+ to help us and take us out from SriLanka.
In the end I became so angry with UNHCR and UNICEF and I want people to know how abused I am and to get help


  1. We'll protect you and take care of that, Amala.

  2. Dear Child - God is working through those who care about you, your Mom and Sadia - please try to be patient - we all love you very much and we are doing our best to help you.

  3. Fuck UNICEF, Fuck UNHCR.

  4. Oh God help these girls