Friday, December 27, 2013

Amala, an abused Christian child on the run

I am Amala Khan an adopted child. I belong to a strict religious Pashtun family of Baluchistan, Pakistan.My grandfather protected me my mother and my sister from our hard liner family.
After his death my mom was forced to abandon me, they said I was born out of marriage and according to Islam must be killed. We were always hiding from our family. They also tried to poison my sister Sadia.
Me and my sister were too inspired with my tuition teacher Miss Ruby A Christian lady. We accepted Christianity.
My sister was writing about ISI of Pakistan. Our life was in danger, both from our family State and  the extremists.
We fled to Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka ISI trapped us through the Pakistan friendly Govt of Sri Lanka.
We were in illegal detention for 1 month. They took our passports gold and everything we had. They told my sister that she was an Indian spy and will be taken to the court.
My sister was terrified and had a heart attack. I was in the hospital with her my mother was not allowed to visit her in the hospital. We were guarded by armed police men and women.
We fled from the detention on April 9 2013. We begged UNHCR to protect us. They did not help. UNHCR wanted to please Sri Lankan Govt. They abandoned us when we were faced by death from all over.
Now we are on the run. We spent 8 months in hiding. 2 long years with UNHCR and they still don’t know how to decide our case.

Living in hiding is a heart breaking experience. While leaving a train in confusion I fell from train. With my broken hand we kept looking for a shelter to hide.
Anyone can feel that we are persecuted and takes advantage. Our owner of the rented room attacked me and my sister sadia. He touched us very badly.
We informed UNHCR but received no help.
We rose to the occasion and started a campaign on the internet to save our life.
My sister bought blades and made a plan that she will cut herself and put it on YouTube to let people know about our sufferings and get help.
She could not cut herself for a long time. She said blade is too sharp… God will find another way for us.
On October 14 2013 my mother went out from hiding to beg UNHCR once again to protect us. She was crying when she said goodbye to us.
My mother came back from UNHCR empty handed to the empty house (room) We had left the place fearing authorities. That was the last time we saw her.
After getting separated from our mother we are deeply sad and at last on a very sad day my sister cut herself very badly while I sat with her.  I watched her helplessly. My world was dark as my sister bled.
This video did not melt anyone including UNHCR.

After a long time UNHCR announced asylum for my sister but not for me and my mom. UNHCR is still thinking that whether we are persecuted or not??

2 years have passed.  3 women on the run in a foreign land chased by Sri Lanka Pakistan and their family UNHCR is still thinking.

Friday, December 20, 2013

12 years old abused child appeals to UNHCR

We are in SriLanka for the last 2 years.  We belong to a very strict and conservative PASHTUN family  in Quetta near Afghanistan.
Me and my sister converted to Christianity
My sister wrote against Pakistan security forces
We fled to Sri Lanka to save our life.
Pakistan trapped us in Sri Lanka through friendly Srilankan  Govt
They kept us in the illegal detention for 1 month took our passports and everything including gold taken from us.
 We are registered refugees with UNHCR. But no one from UNHCR protected us.
 We fled from illegal detention and live in hiding for the last 8 months. We have holes in our hearts.  Me and my sister were attacked by a drunk house owner.
 Right now I live in a very unsafe place with only my sick sister.. We live on Charity. There are many who touch me on my body they know we are refugees and have no male family member with us.

I am not going to the School.
I am an abused child
Our mother is separated from us. She lives in very difficult conditions miles away from us, waiting to be protected by UNHCR
My mother has given my custody to my sister.  She fears that if UNHCR will not protect her she will be deported to Pakistan.
In Pakistan our close STRICT  Pashtun relatives will kill her for the lost honor, because she has been supporting us while we have converted to Christianity and have almost broken all the PASHTUN laws in many pieces.
UNHCR please don’t kill us protect us.
My sister Sadia is very sick and I want my mother back with us.

Here is the long struggle of a 12 tears old just to live