Sunday, November 24, 2013

I look when while my sister cuts herself

Long time back my sis bought some blades and decided to cut her and upload that live on YouTube channel so that people will know about us and help. She tried doing it many times but could not do it. She was scared of the very sharp blade and every time told me
 “God willing we will get some help without me cutting myself.”
My mother tired of long hiding went to UNHCR and asked for help… no help she came back to the empty house because we left the house out of fear of being caught. Now we are separated from our mother.
 Now my sister was very sad and disappointed and really cut herself.
I sat with her she started cutting herself and I looked while my heart was crying.  We uploaded the video to the YouTube and waited for the help. But no one offered help.
I put a bandage on my sister cuts but there were so much blood coming out. I was scared that my sis will die. I prayed to Jesus to heal her. I miss my mother who is now separated from us and lives somewhere else in hiding….
We are converted Christians. Me and my sis are trying hard to save our life and get out of Sri Lanka but people just don’t help. UNHCR has left us all alone because it wants good relations with Sri Lankan Govt.
 Govt of Sri Lanka took our passports and wants to deport us to Pakistan. Frightened we live in hiding….
Will some one help?????
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