Friday, May 23, 2014


A Pakistani child appeals to Sri Lankan Government

Dear Sri Lnkan authorities
I am 12 Years old Amala Khan. I am exhausted and sick because of the troubles and painful life of hiding in Sri lanka.
wrote about the security forces of Pakistan. We were threatened and fled to Sri Lanka.  Now we are recognized refugees by UNHCR. 
Last year On the request of Pakistan ISI, Sri Lankan authorities kept us in illegal detention. They took our passports and all we had.  they were about to deport us to Pakistan. Knowing the huge danger to our life we fled from the detention camp.
We are recognized refugees by UNHCR yet Sri Lanka still withholds our passports. I am very scared. I don’ go to School. I tremble with fear. I am very tired of hiding and life on the run. I am dying.
Please Sri Lankan Authorities return our passports Please let us leave your country with safety. Your children are free and happy because they have powerful fathers like you. I don't have a father. Please let me live with my mother and sister in Peace.
Please help a child who is slowly dying with fear,
Amala Khan,

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