Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I am Amala Khan

I am Amala Khan an 11 years old blogger this is my new blog, Also check my main blog:
Stateless Amala lives in hiding 

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  1. Here is a prayer for you
    My dearest Jesus, how I desire to comfort and console Your Most Mournful Heart. Please consume my love for You to help ease the burden and pain You feel. I want to, in my own small way, lift some of this burden from Your Mourning Heart so I can ease your distress and show my love for You.

    Mournful Heart of Jesus, help each soul to recognize the need to work out his salvation during each present moment. Show each soul the ways he separates himself from You, and how he grieves Your Heart. Bring each soul into the Light of Truth where he will no longer grieve Your Mournful Heart. Amen.

    Consider Jesus’ anguish as He watches life destroyed in the womb. Consider how He longs to correct leadership which is based upon falsehood and unmitigated love of power. Consider His desire to replace love of money and reputation in hearts with love of God and neighbor. Consider His anguish as He watches the love of false gods take over hearts and uproot the Truth.